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How to choose blouse for body shape?

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How to choose blouse for body shape?

1 Answer

  1. “Selecting the right blouse for your body shape is crucial for a flattering look. Here are key tips:

    Pear-Shaped Body: Choose blouses with embellishments or patterns on the upper part to draw attention upwards. Boat necks and square necklines work well.

    Apple-Shaped Body: Opt for blouses with a V-neck or deep scoop neck to elongate your torso. A slightly loose fit is preferable.

    Hourglass Body: Fitted blouses that accentuate the waist are ideal. Wrap styles or belts can highlight your curves.

    Rectangle Body Shape: Look for blouses that create an illusion of curves, like those with ruffles or peplums.

    Inverted Triangle Body: Go for blouses with wider hems to balance broad shoulders. Avoid shoulder pads or voluminous sleeves.

    Remember, comfort is key. Choose styles that make you feel confident and comfortable.”

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