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What colour blouse goes with every saree?

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What colour blouse goes with every saree?

1 Answer

  1. Choosing a blouse color that pairs well with every saree can be a game-changer in your wardrobe. The universally flattering options are:

    Black: A classic black blouse is incredibly versatile and can complement any saree, regardless of its color or pattern.

    Gold: A golden blouse adds a touch of elegance and goes well with almost all saree colors, especially traditional and festive sarees.

    Silver or Grey: These shades work well with both bright and pastel-colored sarees, offering a sophisticated look.

    White or Off-White: These colors provide a clean and elegant contrast, suitable for both casual and formal sarees.

    Navy Blue: This deep shade pairs beautifully with a wide range of saree colors, adding a touch of class.

    Invest in good-quality blouses in these shades, and you’ll find mixing and matching with your sarees effortlessly stylish.

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